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New: RCO Ministries is determined to help the believers in Ramla purchase a church property

Ramallah Local Church

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Located in the heart of the "old city", Ramallah Local Church is an indigenous church with services held in Arabic. The church offers services for the adults, youth, Sunday School, ladies, young adults as well as married couples. Read more...

Ramla Local Church

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Ramla is the satellite church in a town not far from the Tel Aviv airport. The congregation is composed of Israeli-Arabs who speak both Hebrew and Arabic. Services are held on Tuesdays and Fridays. Read more...

The Home of New Life

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The Home of New Life offers two programs: a residential program for boys who come from dysfunctional or impoverished families, and a sponsorship program—for boys and girls who come from homes that are more socially stable but that still suffer from the current economic situation. Read more...